About Us

Security Services In Kolhapur (MH)

We believe in people being taken care of. This simple philosophy is what makes us stand ahead of other businesses, as well as why we are successful. We are trustable in the Security Services. The communities we represent will go the extra mile for our clients. We also help keep people safe and make sure they are satisfied with them.

Om Sai Safeguard Services Private Limited's Private security staff are available for industrial, corporate, shopping malls, schools, and hospitals. For this, with advanced age, we employ high-quality manpower, i.e., security guards, lady guards, bouncers, armed guards, as compliant with customer calls.

Our Kolhapur security firm also ranks at the top of the list. We are recruiting female security guards and bouncers in the city of Kolhapur after complete preparation. As well as providing proper suppliers in other cities. In compliance with the Central and State laws and pay, PF, incentives, and other government facilities for the guards.

Why do companies/corporates want us?

  • Our professionalism:  A private residential and commercial security guard service in Kolhapur, lays out the philosophy of professionalism.
  • Expertise:  Our administration is outstanding for sending security guards and, with the help of their expertise, we are expanding the company.
  • Best Security staff:  We work solely to enforce this idea of strong security staff and to have the highest quality industrial guards in Kolhapur.
  • Immediate response:  The Rapid Response Team consists of officers and security staff, primarily retired Army personnel in vehicles.

  • Our best security service for corporations:

    Om Sai Safeguard Services Private Limited, Kolhapur, is well-known for Commercial Security Guards and Bodyguard Services. In an office, factory, or warehouse premises, for a safe working atmosphere.

  • It has very particular demands, our remarkably professional ones. Our professional Commercial Safety Guards give clients a more optimistic first impression.
  • Security is essential to every company's security and stability. A diverse and competent protection agency is essential to ensure that your personal and belongings are secured at all times.
  • Hiring unseemly protection could turn out to be detrimental to corporate security services and could put your existence in danger. Our company provides security, facility management, commercial security in Kolhapur.
  • To protect your premises and represent your face to the business world, we are here as a professional company. In emergency cases, our defense firm safeguards human life. Corporate Security Facilities, We have 24 hours of usable Control Space smooth response to support our running activities.